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So, you have made the wise decision to buy a new watch whether it your first or your tenth watch, here are 5 things to consider when buying a watch.

1 Set A Budget

Whether you are looking to buy your first luxury watch or just an everyday watch you should always set yourself a budget.

It really does not matter what end of the scale you are looking to spend if you do not have the funds to pay for the watch you should not go out and buy it.

If you have to save up for a little longer that’s ok or if you can afford to buy it on finance and can afford the repayments then that is an option, some places do actually do % on the interest rate so that is also something to look into.

A watch should be an extension of your style do not go into debt to buy that watch.

Watch Budget2 Choose A Watch That Matches Your Personal Style

It is important to know your own personal style, are you more sporty, dressy, or maybe something in-between?

It is important to think to think abut this and how much wrist time you will be giving to your new watch and I’m including smart watches on this.

You might even be contemplating stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new which is great just think about what occasions you will be wearing it for.

3 Do Your Research

So, you have set your budget and know what kind of watch you want to buy, this is where it gets interesting.

Now is the time to log on to the internet and do your research, while you may know what style of watch you are looking for you now need to look more into the details.

A few considerations when doing your research are as follows but this is not an exhaustive list.

  • The Brand – Are you looking for a Luxury brand like Rolex, Omega, Tudor or is it more our everyday brands like Seiko, Casio or something in-between like a Tissot?
  • The Movement – Are you a lover of mechanical movements and will not consider anything else or will a watch powered by a battery do the job for you? Either way do your research as this can make quite a difference in the choice you make.
  • Watch Dial Dimensions – This is a big one especially for people like me who have a small wrist. It is important to understand the dial size and the thickness of the watch as this can affect the wearing experience.
  • The Dial – What colour are you looking for, what style? What is the glass made from and is it scratch resistant? Date or no date? There are many things to look out and while the movement is important, how your watch looks is equally as important so it is choose wisely.
  • Complications – Are you looking for Chronograph or a dive watch or something dressier? The choices are endless and this is where research can really pay off as you may come across something that you had not even considered.
  • Watch Material – This one has definitely become more prevalent as watch companies try new materials from the standard stainless steel to titanium and carbon to name just a few.
  • The Bracelet – What kind of bracelet are you looking for & is it interchangeable? Stainless steel or a leather strap or even Nato, there are many choices, some bracelets are solid some taper down these are things to consider and of course what kind of clasp that keeps your watch on your wrist.
Watch Research4 Try It On

The research is completed, and you have narrowed it down to two or three watches now is the time to go out and try these watches on.

If you can go to your local AD or jewellers and ask to try the watch on, they are more than happy to help.

The main benefit of doing this is you can see what it is like in person, you may try it on and love it or you may think to yourself actually this is not for me and you have not had to part with your hard-earned cash.

I personally have experience of this, and you can read about it Michael Kors Gage Chronograph

5 Enjoy Wearing Your Watch

Congratulations!! You have done all the above and pulled the trigger and bought your watch, now is the time to enjoy wearing your new watch.

I have been guilty of doing this in the past and buying a watch, wearing it but always feeling that I might scratch, knock, and damage it.

While you should be careful with your watch you should also enjoy wearing it so wear it out to that event or sporting occasion or holiday as not only will you get more compliments than you expected, when you put that watch on you will have memories attached to it and yes your watch will get scratched but that is all part of the watch wearing experience in my opinion.

Tudor Balckbay Fifty Eight Garden Shot

If you are looking for a new watch why not try Beaverbrooks or for something a bit more affordable F Hinds

Let me know what you consider when buying a watch and what I missed as considerations.

See you in for the next one….


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