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Tudor Blackbay Fifty-Eight

Its finally time to reveal what I chose for my first luxury watch and after much research,, trying on different watches the one I always came back to was the Tudor Blackbay Fifty-Eight.

When I started thinking, about buying my first luxury watch I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer choice but after much research, I was able to rule quite a brands out for various reasons.

I had set my mind on a dive watch after getting my Invicta Pro-Diver and I really liked the look and what a dive watch brings.

Rolex obviously was a thought but looking at the cost and availability they were quickly ruled out, the same could be said for Omega (mainly on price) and a few other well known brands.

After scouring the internet, the Tudor Blackbay Fifty-Eight in black came up and I was instantly smitten as it had everything I was looking for in a dive watch.

In the end, the Tudor Blackbay Fifty-Eight really did become the only choice and here are the reasons why.

Dial & Case

the whole purpose of this blog was to showcase watches for the smaller wrists and yes there has been the odd exception but the 39mm case diameter really does hit the sweet spot.

The black dial with the applied gilt markers really does make this watch stunning to look at without being too flashy in my opinion.

The snowflake hand is a bit of a contentious issue from reading  initial reviews, but I have to say I love it and it adds character to the watch.

Superluminova is added to all the markers and hands which makes this watch super easy to read in the dark, which is not matched by any other watch in my collection.

Tudor Blackbay Fifty Eight Pen ShotThe case is a very slim 11.9mm, which again for the small wrist brigade is welcome and helps with the wearing experience.

Domed sapphire crystal glass for added protection against scratches and a screw down crown with the Tudor Rose add another special touch.

The bezel is unidirectional with 60 of the most satisfying clicks you will find on any watch out there.

One final touch is the red triangle around the pip which just adds another layer of coolness for this watch.

Tudor Balckbay Fifty Eight Garden ShotBracelet

A stainless-steel bracelet with a fold over clasp with the word Tudor and a lug to lug of 22mm meaning this can be worn with a rubber or Nato strap if you wish to mix it up a bit.

When this watch was released in 2018 one common complaint was the false rivets and now here we are in 2023 and the still remain but for me personally they do not detract from the watch as you hardly notice them but if it is something you care about this may be something to take into consideration.

The other complaint is lack of adjustments, yes there are micro adjustments but with most new releases from Tudor coming with the T-Fit clasp you have to wonder when the Blackbay Fifty-Eight will get the same treatment.

To add weight to the argument when I went to collect mine form the AD it took quite a while to get the watch to fit my wrist and while it fits very well, I have to say during the warmer months it does become a little tight.

Tudor Blackbay Fifty Eight BraceletThe Movement

A steel case back hides the in-house MT5402 movement, 27 jewels and at a frequency of 4Hz (28,800) which is COSC Chronometer certified.

Also boasting a power reserve of 70 hours meaning you can put this watch away for the weekend and will still be ticking ready for Monday.

200 metres of water resistance, which is more than enough for the real divers and desk divers alike.


When the Blackbay Fifty-Eight was first released the black dial was the only option however in 2020 Tudor released the blue dial and a choice had to be made.

While the blue dial is beautiful and gives the watch a much more modern look and feel, for me I just did not get the same feeling as I did when I tried the black dial, I had chills.

I guess when you know you know but that is not to detract from the blue dial which is beautiful in its own right.

Just as my mind was made up Tudor threw a curveball in 2023 by releasing the Tudor Blackbay Fifty-Four and with a case diameter of 37mm.

I did manage to try one on and again while it is a lovely watch and fits and wears bigger on the wrist than you might think, yet again my heart was only for the BB58.

Tudor Blackbay Fifty Eight Box ShotMy Thoughts

As soon as I saw the this watch in person it was always going to be my choice, from the 39mm case to the black and gilt dial this watch really does tick a lot of boxes.

Yes, the bracelet could be upgraded to the T-Fit clasp and some people will have the perception that Tudor is the “poor mans” Rolex but quite honestly this watch stands up to anything in the Rolex library and is right up there as a modern classic.

The price is extremely competitive and still market leading for a watch in this category.

if you are still on the fence why not check out the full range Tudor Blackbay Range

Watches should mean something to you and when I put this watch on, I smile as it reminds me that I bought this for my 50th birthday and at the end of the day that is what it should always be about.

What do you think of the Tudor Blackbay Fifty-Eight and did I make the right choice?

Leave your comments below and see you in the next one.


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