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Tissot PRX

We conclude the final part of the Tissot Trilogy with the now famous Tissot PRX.

Launched back in 2021 this became an instant favourite with watch enthusiasts, and you can see why.

The watch drew comparisons with the AP Royal Oak but if you did not know it was actually based on the 1970s Tissot Seartar.

Just for context I will reviewing the blue dial quartz variant.

The Dial

When the watch was first launched there was not too many dial colour options but many people including myself were drawn to the blue dial with its sunburst it really did look stunning.

Silver indexes and hands really stand out against the blue dial, there is also lume on both is it super bright well no but it is not a dive watch so I can live with it but some maybe put off by that.

The date window is set at 3 o’clock and the now famous Tissot & 1853 set below the 12 o’clock plus the word PRX set above the 6 ‘clock give this a nice clean look.

Tissot PRX Wrist Shot GardenThe Case

After reading the reviews the one concern I had was the 40mm case and end links which for many seemed to be a bit too big with the lug to lug of 51mm.

I held back from rushing in to purchase but then when I finally did try it on, I have to say I really loved how it looked on my small wrist.

While the fixed end links do give this a bit of an overhang the 10.4mm thickness of the case make this a slender watch especially on the quartz version.

A fixed polished bezel against the brushed case puts this on another level and it really is these small details that make this watch sing.

A push crown with enough teeth to make this easy enough to set the time and date.

Add in 100m of water resistance it really does have a lot going for it.

The Bracelet

The integrated bracelet was one of main reasons this watch took off as it did, coming in with 12mm lugs and quick release option.

Tissot really did not skimp on the details with its brushed links when you do a wrist roll especially in the sunshine every link catches it but even in normal light you do catch yourself just doing it for fun.

The bracelet tapers from a wide 24.5mm to 17.5mm ending with a lovely butterfly clasp and push buttons for easy opening.

We also have new strap options for those who want to change things up and wear it for different occasions.

Tissot PRX Bracelet
So Many Variants

Ok so I can hear the comments now but Ren the Tissot PRX has so many other options now and you have not mentioned any of them so here we go.

The people spoke and to be fair Tissot listened…

We wanted an automatic version, and we got one with their Powermatic 80 movement and 80 hours of power reserve.

They changed the dial on the automatic to a waffle design and framed date window giving it even more of the AP Royal Oak vibes.

There was still some who felt that due to the 40mm case size it was still too big for them to wear and Tissot heard your concerns and released a 35mm version in both quartz and automatic without diminishing the quality.

Tissot PRX SunglassesFinal Thoughts

 The Tissot PRX is without doubt one of the most loved and talked about watches to come out in the last couple of years and for good reason.

For those of us who will probably never get to own the AP Royal Oak this is a very fine alternative at a fraction of the cost.

Tissot have created a good-looking watch whether you prefer the automatic version over the quartz you will not be disappointed.

Both are incredible at the price point and with so many options for the dial colour and design, you cannot fail to find one for your aesthetic.

The 40 mm vs 35mm case is one thing I would like to address, I tried on the 35mm and for me personally I preferred the 40mm the watch wore a little small for me but I am sure there will be many who will like the 35mm.

You never know Tissot may even release a 37 or 38mm if we talk about it enough, they do have previous of listening so watch this space.

In the meantime discover your PRX  Tissot PRX Range

What do you think of the Tissot PRX and the range in general? Leave a comment in the box below

See you soon for the next one where you will find out which watch I bought as my first luxury watch…

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