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Sekonda 1491 AKT

Next up on the journey is the Sekonda 1491 AKT, a British brand that has been going strong since 1966 Sekonda known for having stylish watches at an affordable price.

Fun Fact – In 1988, Sekonda became the UK’s bestselling watch brand and held this title for 31 consecutive years.

Let us take a deeper look into it…

Face & Case

At 43mm this watch really should be too big for my 6 inch wrist but personally I feel it fits very well with no gaps and lays very well on the wrist, it certainly has a bit of presence about it without being too showy if that’s not the look you are going for.

The face of this watch is really what attracted me to it I absolutely love the black face with the sliver markings for the minute, hour and 24 hours.

It almost has dare I say Daytona vibes about (I am not a Rolex fan boy honest) but if you are looking for a much more affordable alternative this is the watch for you.

This has mineral glass that is more scratch resistant if like me you do tend to hit your watches on desks they have also kept it very simple with the word Sekonda and 50 metres below the 12 O’clock.

The date window is positioned between the 4 & 5pm markers with a white background and is perfectly legible.

It has standard pull out crown with crown guards which is a nice touch you can adjust the date with the first pull and one further to change the time.

Strap Type

A stainless steel bracelet on this one and while it is quite light in weight it does fit the wrist very well but if you do like your watches with a bit of weight to them then this is something to consider.

The centre links are polished with the outer links brushed which does gives it a very nice contrast, at 20mm lug to lug this will have give you many strap options

It has a standard fold over clasp and safety catch and gives a very secure feel on the wrist

The Movement

A Japanese quartz movement in this one that keeps time very accurately, not everyone is a fan of quartz movements but no hate here.

Water Resistant

50 metres water resistance it will definitely resist splashes of water but I will leave up to you if you wear it to go swimming.

Final Thoughts

If you read my review from last week you will know, I love a chronograph watch and this one ticks many boxes for me at 43mm, it should be too big for my small wrist but it just works.

The face is stunning in my view and if you want that affordable Rolex Daytona look then this has to up there as a choice.

The bracelet is light so if you are like a weight to your watches this is something to consider but for the smaller wrists, this should not be an issue.

Overall, I cannot fault this watch the look of this is what really sets it apart from other watches in this space and is definitely one to consider.

What do you think of the Sekonda 1491 AKT? Leave your comments below

See you soon for the next one

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