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Invicta Pro Diver 23678

We start with the polarising brand of Invicta while many see their watches as rather flashy and oversized however the one watch that seems to get a lot of love is the Invicta Pro Diver 23678 and for good reason with its handsome dial face (where did they get the idea from??) to its affordable price it certainly has much going for it.

Let us take a deeper look into it…

Face & Case

At 40mm this watch really does suit a smaller wrists like myself it fits nicely on the wrist not looking too big. It has a mineral glass and is scratch resistant with a lug to lug of 48mm

The face itself is black with green applied markers, which I find fine for the face, but some may like them slightly larger but personally, I think it is all in proportion for the size of the face itself.

The word Invicta and the logo are just above the 12 O’clock and again it is well proportioned and does not offend in any way.

The date is positioned at 3 O’clock and is magnified so you will not have any trouble reading the date if like me your eyesight is not the best.

There is lume applied in green and works very well in my opinion.

The Bezel is actually quite well done and I do like the triangle at the top with a spot of lume  the clicks are surprisingly satisfying and you do have to put a bit of effort into it which is no bad thing.

It has a screw down crown with crown guards and when setting the watch there are two marks one for the date and one for changing the time once set it screws back in and feels nice and solid.

Ok let us talk about the main thing I have seen most people dislike about this watch…

While it comes in at a chunky thickness of 14mm it’s doesn’t wear to too big on my small wrist and I believe that is because of the watch face size, the thing I believe that really seems to set people off about this watch is the Invicta logo engraved on the side…

Now for me this not a deal breaker but I can see why some do dislike it but with where it’s positioned on the watch you only really ever see it when wearing a short sleeved item, and to be honest I hardly even notice it myself but at the end of the day it’s a personal choice but I certainly wouldn’t put you off buying this watch because of it.

Pro Diver Wrist Shot 2

Strap Type

If you really want to steer into the Rolex Sub looking watch I would definitely suggest you go for the standard stainless steel option as this will give more of a Rolex Sub feel however I decided to go for the silicone strap mainly because I didn’t have anything in my collection with a rubber strap.

The strap is comfortable and a standard pin buckle with enough holes for my small wrist without it being too tight or too loose, all in all Invicta did a good job with this option.

The Movement

The Invicta Pro Diver has an automatic movement NH35 and while you may think it would not be the best it is actually supplied by Seiko, the case back is open so you can see the movement but dare I say it is a little dull but does have yellow splash of colour with the rotor.

It also has a power reserve of 40 hours so you can leave off your wrist for a day and still find it ticking when you put it back on.

Water Resistant

200 metres water resistant but let us be honest how many of us will be using it to go diving with but I certainly have been in the water with it and it has come back up working like it should be.

Final Thoughts

I have to admit here that I do love a chronograph watch but as my watch journey has gone on a dive watch has certainly been something I have been looking into more and more and the Invicta Pro Diver is certainly a watch I would recommend if you are looking to dip your toe into the dive watch market.

As before if you are looking for that real Rolex Sub look then go with for the stainless steel option but I certainly wouldn’t put you off the rubber strap either and at a very affordable price point it is the perfect choice for your first dive watch. Invicta Pro Diver 23678

What do you think of the Pro Diver? Leave your comments below

See you next time for the next one in my collection…

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