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You have been wearing your watch for a long time and enjoying how it looks so here are some tips on how to maintain your watch and keep it working well.

Let us go through a few steps to ensure that happens.

Clean Your Watch

This may sound like a simple action, but it is one we forget to do as it is something we put off for another day.

Cleaning your watches can stop dirt and other particles being built up which can cause wear and tear.

Cleaning also prevents rust and corrosion and damage to metal parts.

It is always best to give your watches a clean every few months with a microfibre cloth, if your watch is water resistant then a dash of water can also help get rid of build up too.

Tip – Do not forget to clean between the lugs as build up happens here too.

Clean Your WatchService Your Watch

This one is more for mechanical and automatic watches as over time the oils used to lubricate watch movements can dry out leading to increased friction between parts.

A watch service should be done every 3-5 years but one thing to remember is the cost of a service will not be cheap, but it is important to do it as it can have an influence from just having the parts serviced to having parts replaced.

Tip – You will notice that your watch is not running to time.

Watch MovementWatch Storage

Watches do not like being thrown in a draw or stacked up together, this will cause damage and scratches to your watches.

A watch box is an enthusiast’s friend, your watches can be stored separately but do not put face down for obvious reasons.

A watch roll is also a great option for storing especially if you are planning to travel with a couple of your favorite watches.

Watch boxes and rolls do not have to be expensive it really is your choice how much you want to spend on them.

Amazon have a great selection Watch Box Selections


Watch StorageDon’t Wind On The Wrist

It is always best to remove the watch from your wrist and wind it, winding on the wrist also puts unnecessary stress on the crown.

This will help with taking stress off the winding system, the best time to do this is in the morning so the power does not run out.

Don’t Overwind Your Watch

We can get a bit carried away with winding our watches but do not overwind your mechanical watch always stop when you feel resistance as you could damage the mainspring.

Changing The Date

There is a “danger” time to change the date on your watch and this thought to be between 9pm and 3am, why you ask well this is because the movement is already in progress to change the date so doing it at this time may cause damage.

The best time to change the date is from 5am (if you are awake at that time) but any time not in the danger zone is fine.

Changing the DateStay Away From Magnetic Fields

Many items have magnetic fields which can cause damage such as microwave ovens, electric shavers, and even vacuum cleaners.

If you notice your watch is running faster than it should you may need to get it de-magnetised, which a jeweller can do for you.

Wear Your Watch & Enjoy!!

If you have read the article, you might be thinking, is it worth wearing a watch at all but the answer will always be yes!!

The best thing you can do is to wear your watch often, it keeps the parts from deteriorating after lengthy periods of inactivity.

Remember these are just guidelines so enjoy wearing your watch because let us be honest, watches are fun and should be worn.

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What are your tips on how to maintain your watch and keep it working well?

Leave your comments below.

See you in the next one.

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