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Casio & Swatch have some of the most affordable and fun watches in the market but there are two watches that have taken the watch world by storm.

Namely the CasiOak and Moonswatch but here are 5 reasons why the CasiOak is better than the Moonswatch.

1 The Design

This was a very close battle the Omega Speedmaster is iconic, the first watch to walk on the moon in 1969 and it looks awesome and who does not love a chronograph.

The Moonswatch itself comes in many colours and names so you can choose one to match your personality.

While the CasiOak has no real affiliation to the Audemars Piguet the design was quicky known as the CasiOak due to its octagonal shame of the iconic Royal Oak.

This was certainly the closest of the five reasons, but the CasiOak wins out as the Royal Oak is so well known even by non watch fans it just edges the Moonswatch.

2 Its Tough

I have seen and read quite a few accounts from people that have bought the Moonswatch that either the pushers have broken or it hasn’t lasted long, made from bio ceramic you may not have the toughest watch on the market, but you will have fun wearing it.

The CasiOak is the definition of tough core which is made from carbon core guard which is impact resistant. It literally can be worn in any scenario and still won’t break.

The nato strap on the Moonswatch is not as tough as the CasiOak and to be honest just does not as good either.

With so many options in material this is an easy win.

3 Features & Functionality

This is an easy win for the CasiOak which has so many functions from Bluetooth, alarms, and a stopwatch to name just a few read my full review Casio G-Shock GA B2100

The Moonswatch is a chronograph which if you have read my blogs is one of my favourite types of watches but for sheer functionality then I must go with the G-Shock.

Both do come in various colours so there will be watch that matches your personality ad style.

4 Availability

This is a big one when Moonswatch was first launched back in 2022 the watch was only available at Swatch outlets but there seemed to be talk that the various options would go online for those who didn’t live anywhere near an outlet however this has not happened.

To this day the only place to buy one is from your friendly neighbourhood Swatch outlet (excluding flippers) whereas the G-Shock can be readily ordered online aswell as being sold by jewellers far and wide.

Check out the Casio range Casio G-Shock GA B2100 Range or the Moonswatch Moonswatch Range

A win for the G-Shock again.

5 The Cost

Coming in at £240 for the Moonswatch this is almost double the price of the CasiOak solar which retails at £139 and the battery option is an even more affordable £99 there can be no denying who wins on this account.

Even on the battery option there is so much more functionality you cannot go wrong with either option.

The Verdict

It seems clear that the CasiOak is the clear winner on which is the better watch, from the features, design, cost, and availability there really Is no other choice.


This is where it gets tricky because for all the CasiOak’s obvious advantages the Moonswatch has one thing it has going for it and that is the hype this watch generated.

The marketing geniuses at Swatch marketed this watch so well we had people queuing up around the block at Swatch outlets to buy one which in turn got people who are not even into watches interested.

It has also attracted a new and younger crowd into the watch world and may even have started those same people on a new watch journey and that cannot be a bad thing.

From a commercial point Swatch have sold well over a million of these watches which is unheard of a stunning number in anybody’s books.

Omega have also seen an increase in sales of the iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch.

The CasiOak is truly as brilliant watch and wins the battle but ultimately does the Moonswatch win the war?

What do you think am I right? Leave your comments below!

See you in the next one

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