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There is nothing better than buying a new watch whether you are enthusiast or buying your first one but there can be a few pitfalls so here are my five watch buying mistakes you should avoid.

1. Not Doing The Research

So you have decided you would like a new watch and have an idea of what you would like to buy but the days of just going to your jeweller have long gone this is where you need to open that laptop and do the research.

What you might find is that the watch you had your eye on does not actually meet your expectations or your specifications you were looking for.

Doing the research will not only give you an idea if the watch is right for you but it might even discover new watches and brands you have never heard of before.

Watch Research2. Not Trying The Watch On

You have now done the research and narrowed it down to one or two watches this is now the time to get those walking shoes on and head to your local jeweller or AD and try the watch on.

I believe trying a watch on is a must to get a feel how it fits on your wrist, is the dial too big or small? does it sit well? Is the dial what you thought it might be? These are just some of the questions you can answer by trying the watch on.

Buying online is fine but there is nothing like trying it on before you make that purchase.

3. Buying Hype/Trendy Watches

Ok we are all guilty of this one, I might even say buying my CasiOak was doing exactly what I am  saying not to do but if you are going to buy every hype or trendy watch, your collection will be very unbalanced.

It is great to see all these trendy watches but ask yourself will you be wearing that watch in a year’s time or will it be sitting in the watch box for a lot of the time.

Adding watches to your collection that will last a long time is much better than buying that hype piece and leaving them to gather dust in a year or twos time.

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4. Sellers Regret

Selling your watches is fine and sometimes necessary to make room for new pieces but there some watches you should never get rid of.

These watches are sentimental pieces either heirlooms or watches bought for a special moment in your life.

It is worth taking the time to think about whether you really want to sell them as getting them back will be virtually impossible so take the time before making the decision.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

You are at the AD and the watch you are looking at is a great price and the salesperson is doing an excellent job of selling the watch to you, but something just does not feel right so what do you do?

It can be quite easy to be seduced into buying the watch but there is no shame in deciding this is not the watch for you and saying no.

The salesperson will understand and there will always be another customer who the watch will be perfect for so do not be afraid to walk away and say it is not for me.

These are five watch buying mistakes you should avoid but what are yours or have you made any of the above?

Leave a comment below and see you in the next one.

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